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  1. Within the area of the Karkonosze National Park the following forms of tourism are possible: hiking, skiing, biking and horse riding.
  2. Individual pedestrian tourism is widespread. It can take place all year round on marked hiking trails and educational trails. Please do take into consideration their winter runs and seasonal closing during the winter and spring.
  3. Skiing (ski and cross-country skiing) can only be carried out on marked hiking trails, taking into account their winter run and winter & spring seasonal closings. Skiing and snowboarding are limited to slopes dedicated to this purpose.
  4. Hiking and skiing can be organized in groups of up to 50 people only under the supervision of a qualified guide.
  5. Cycling tourism can only take place within marked and designated internal roads and cycling routes dedicated to this purpose.
  6. Other forms of recreation (marching, Nordic walking, rollers) can take place on tourist routes and internal roads of KNP dedicated to this purpose, properly prepared and labeled.
  7. Practicing of extreme sports like paragliding along with e.g. harsh terrain conditions training, as well as organization of recreational and sport events on selected tourist routes, take place at the request of the interested subjects and after meeting the appropriate formal and financial conditions.
  8. In cases where the route of hiking, skiing, biking or horseback riding collides, the priority have: (1) pedestrians, (2) skiers, (3) cyclists, (4) horsemen.
  9. Tourism in the Karkonoski National Park is permitted only during the day (from sunrise to sunset), except for hiking trails connecting mountain huts with villages situated at the foot of the Giant Mountains.
  10. Filming and taking photos from hiking trails is common and free of charge. As far as the places out of the common availability – at the request of the interested party and subject to appropriate formal conditions and can be paid for.
  11. On certain trails you can walk the dog on a leash (and in the muzzle).
  12. The tourist travelling around the Karkonosze National Park, should respect nature conservation rules at all times, and take their trash with them where it is possible (if it is not possible – leave the waste in the trash cans or shelters).
  13. Entering the Karkonosze National Park requires a valid ticket. Tickets are available at points of sale at major entry routes to KNP or via the website. Fees are not collected if: children up to 7 years of age, the residents of the communes of Kowary, Karpacz, Podgórzyn, Jelenia Góra, Piechowice, Szklarska Poreba, members of the large families. Reduced fee: students, pensioners, people with disabilities and soldiers in active service.

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