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Frequently asked questions

I got the entrance ticket. Can I enter two, three different places on the same day KNP?

Yes. The admission ticket is valid throughout the National Park, regardless of where it was purchased. The fee also includes visiting Szklarka Waterfall, but pay attention - not Kamieńczyk Waterfall! 

I got a ticket to the Kamieńczyk Waterfall. Is it valid throughout the Park? 

No, it is not. It covers Kamieńczyk Waterfall only.

What happens if I enter the Park without a ticket, because the ticket office was not open? Are there any consequences for this? 

You can buy tickets online, at www.eparki.pl – this is the best alternative way to buy a ticket, regardless of the time of day. If you do not have such opportunity, you can buy a ticket elsewhere, not just at the entrance to the trails. It is still possible to purchase the tickets asking the Park Guards for it. Our guards are authorized to sell tickets in the area - while meeting them on the trail, you are entitled to ask for a ticket.

On what basis can I present the entitlement to the free entrance to the KNP?

Reduced fee: students, pensioners, people with disabilities and soldiers in active service – in such cases – an appropriate ID will do. 

Can I roam the Park after dark?

You should not go out on the trail if you are not sure whether or not will you arrive at the accommodation place before dark. Due to the safety reasons, our regulations do not allow to move around the park after dark. Exceptions are the sections of trails leading to the huts or to the village at the border with the Park, where you will reach the place of accommodation. For your own safety plan your route so that you will not find yourself on the trail at the night.

Do I have to have a ticket on the Czech side too?

No. Our neighbors have not introduced the admission fees. You can freely go to the Czech side during your hike.

Can you fly the drone over the area of Karkonosze National Park?

Under no circumstances can you do this. The Park’s area is belongs to the R – restricted area. 

Where can I ride a bike in the area of the Karkonosze National Park?

  1. Red trail leading to Schronisko nad Łomniczką
  2. Droga Urszuli - Betonowy Most
  3. Blue trail – leading to Karkonosze Pass, and Odrodzenie Shelter
  4. Jagniątków - I. Sudetic road - od Sopot Brook – Brocz Brook.

Is it possible to get permission to enter KNP to e.g. take a wedding photo, arrange a transport for an elder and such? 

Imagine what would happen if everyone asks for such a scheme! Sadly the restrictions on
this issue impose the Park legislation firstly on nature conservation aspects. Consequently we
are not able to provide our Tourist with services of the sort.