Karkonosze National Park Education Center in Szklarska Poręba

About us

This is a must see place – a center you should definitely visit before planning any trip up to the mountains. Right here you can get accustomed with the specifics of the Giant Mountains – and not only with their unique natural values, but all the rules and safety issues as well. After all – do not they say: “preparation is prevention”? Visiting our Education Center you will have an opportunity to see “The Giant Giant Mountains" permanent exhibition – a large format pictures, enriched with the interactive panel using which you can admire the Giant Mountains from 50 different perspectives! All of it in accord to changing seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter.
The exhibit consists of 8 different themes, which interactively show glacier cirques, variety of the ecosystems such as of: peatbog, forest zones and alpine biotope. You will see the fauna and flora of our mountains, along with different natural phenomena. You can learn about the human influence on wildlife - how do we impact the nature. An active tourist map of the Giant Mountains follows the exhibition.
There are very well-equipped rooms in our facility, both indoor and outdoor educational activities are being carried out there. A small, delightful gallery is at your disposal here – where you can enjoy somewhat intimate atmosphere. Lectures and multimedia presentations are held in our projection room. This is where – there’s always something going on – whether it is an exciting discourse with our transboundary guests, or a screening of beautiful natural documentary movie...
The Center is equipped with a library along with a reading room - a collection of the professional nature literature. Guests are welcome to use the our shop where one can buy the Karkonosze National Park publications, the "Karkonosze as well as maps and thematic folders or small souvenirs. The center conducts activities for organized school groups, students, teachers, guides and the local community. The building is wheelchair-friendly.

Our main objectives:
  1. Knowing and understanding nature (with emphasis on the KPN’s wildlife) and human relationship with the nature.
  2. Developing a respect and responsibility towards nature (with emphasis on the KPN’s wildlife).
  3. Developing communities understanding and acceptance for the nature’s protection issues.
  4. Creating an emotional link, a connection with nature (with emphasis on the KPN’s wildlife) and KPN itself.
  5. Creating the employees self-identity with the KNP.
  6. Awakening the curiosity and people interest in nature.
  7. To educate that the nature protection issues are of the uppermost importance to the mankind. 

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday
January to June, September to October 9:00 to 16:00
July&August 9: 00-17: 00
November (closed)
December 9:00 to 3:00 pm


Okrzei 28
Szklarska Poręba
Contact  +48 75 7172124